FINNISH URBAN CYCLING STORE is a webshop which was born in 2011 and is known among urban cyclist for it's special selection. It was founded in our garage in Raisio Finland, but these days our warehouse is located in Kaarina, Finland and our office is in Naantali (where the Moomins live as well). We have all the products - State Bicycle Co being the only exception - in our own warehouse.

Thousand Helmets

Designed for urban cycling and skating, the minimalist Heritage bike helmets are from Thousand's original collection, inspired by the simplicity of vintage moto lids and the heritage colorways of the 50s and 60s. These day they also have Chapter collection that integrates elevated utility into your daily riding uniform to always keep you moving forward.

Castelli Cycling Clothes

Castelli's single-minded mission is to make the most innovative clothing for the cyclist seeking maximum performance. Over the past decade Castelli has led essentially performance innovation in cycling clothing.

Most Popular Collections