Privacy Policy

The registry keeper needs to describe how it processes the personal data of customers. This document fulfils the information obligation

This Privacy Policy contains necessary information follows applicable legislation (523/1999) 10 § for keeping a registry.

1. Registrar

Kimmo Helle Sport Trading Ltd (VAT: FI25691653)

Contact address:
Aholankatu 3 halli 4
21100 Naantali

Contact details on matters related to the registry

Kimmo Helle Sport Trading Ltd / Kimmo Helle
Aholankatu 3 halli 4
21100 Naantali


2. Personal data purposes of use

Reasons for keeping the registry:

  • Personal data is handled based on the registered customer's customer relationship
  • Personal data is handled based on consent given by the customer

Personal data handling and purpose of use

The customer data is handled for this predetermined uses, that are:

  • Maintenance of customer relationships
  • To tell about our services and offers
  • Development of this e-commerce store
  • To create online marketing
  • For analytical purposes
  • To improve customer service and experience. 

3. Personal data collected to the registry

We are collecting the following information to our customer registry:

Data given by the customer

  • name
  • address
  • email
  • phone number
  • Google- and/or Facebook login email address and certificate for login 

During the usage of e-commerce store/data collected with analytics

  • Purchase history (inc. products ordered and prices)
  • Delivery information (Deliver method and address)
  • Browsing and equipment information

4. Rights of the registered customer

Customer registered to the store has the following rights and all the requests need to be made to Kimmo Helle Sport Trading Oy, Aholankatu 3 halli 4, 21100 Naantali, FINLAND.

Inspection right

The customer has a right to inspect their own personal data and to demand the correction of erroneous information.

Correction right

The customer has a right to ask for correction of faulty or missing information.

Denying right

The customer has a right to deny the processing of personal data if he/she feels that the data is used in a manner against the law.

Direct marketing right

The customer has a right to deny any direct marketing.

Deletion right

The customer has a right to request the deletion of their personal data to the extent that other legislation allows it.

Cancellation of consent

If the data processing is only based on consent and not on customer relationship, you may cancel the consent given.

Registered customer may complain of any decision to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

The registrant has a right to demand, that we restrain from using disputed data while the open matters get resolved.

Right to complain

The registrant has the right to complain to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman if he feels like we are breaking the Data Protection legislation.

Contact details to Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman:

5. Regulatory data sources

The customer data is collected according to regulations:

  • from the customer when the customer relationship is born
  • from the customer through the webform

6. Regulatory release of data

We are not releasing data as a rule outside Kimmo Helle Sport Trading Ltd. 

However, we must release some necessary data to third parties, like delivery companies that deliver the products on behalf of us. We also work with companies that collect analytics and personalise the website experience. However, we aim to anonymise the data whenever it's possible.

We are forwarding data to these third parties:

  • Analytics partner (Google Analytics)
  • Personalization partner (Nosto)
  • Email marketing partner (Klaviyo)
  • Search partner (Klevu)
  • Delivery companies (Posti, GLS, Postnord, Matkahuolto, UPS)
  • Payment partner (Klarna, Paytrail, Paypal – ei-EU
  • Credit provider, when using part payments or invoices (Klarna)
  • An accounting company, when invoices are made by hand (Talenom PLC)

We have checked that all of our partners are following Data Processing Act.

7. Period of data handling

  • The personal data is mainly held for as long as the customer relationship lasts
  • Those who have joined our email marketing list may leave it through the link included in each marketing email.

8. Processors of data

The customer data is handled by employees of Kimmo Helle Sport Trading Ltd.

Registry keeper and its employees handle the information. We may outsource the handling of personal data to the third party, in which case we guarantee with contracts that personal data will be handled according to current laws and otherwise in orderly manners.

9. Transferring personal data outside the EU/EEA

The information is moved outside EU/EEA area only according to regulations. When the data is transferred outside EU/EEA area, we take care of necessary data protection levels by for example agreeing on data privilege and that the data is handled according to the law. Our partners, who all fulfil the GDPR law requirements, are listed in section 6.

10. Automatic decision making and profiling

We don't use data to make automated decisions or profiling.